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Holy crap butts

2012-07-10 22:59:23 by Holyghostz

Been a while since i've been on here. This brought me back:

Long Live CHINA

2009-04-01 08:38:45 by Holyghostz

long live china


2008-02-01 11:20:38 by Holyghostz

been a while since an update, but I finally got XBL and a 360, so if anyone wants to hit me up on xbl my gamertag is LiberalEvil. JUst send a msg along with the invite saying you are from NG and i'll accept it. Otherwise no dice.

Flash 8! WOOOO

2007-09-19 15:54:05 by Holyghostz

Finally gt flash 8, I did an animation for my friend about his ass and he seemed to like it. It's not worthy of newgrounds tho seeing as the audio isn't compressed enough so it makes the flash about 3 times bigger then it should be, not to mention it sucks ass. Might make a better version tho if i'm no too lazy. Hope for the best!



2007-07-30 09:39:16 by Holyghostz

for those of you who read my news (nobody prolly) I may start getting back into flashing it up, first off i'll need a new version of flash,, I have flash MX atm (2002) and flash pro. 8 is out now so I should pick up acopie of that sometime. some one reffer me to a site with it for cheap or free. thx

news post

2007-07-28 12:42:58 by Holyghostz

the little guy was crying so I made a news post..